Burglary in Phelps Hall; DPS is investigating case

A burglary occurred in Phelps Hall last Thursday afternoon between 1:30 and 2 p.m., resulting in a stolen laptop.

Police Chief Greg O’Dell said the Department of Public Safety has had no new developments in the case. The case will remain an open investigation due to no suspects.

The victim reported he heard someone in his room while he was in the restroom, but assumed it was his roommate. The victim left for class and, upon returning to his room, found his laptop missing.

The door to the victim’s room had been left unlocked while he had been in the restroom, and he did not witness anyone entering or leaving his room.
“Laptops, cell phones and iPods are things people can easily walk away with. They’re popular items to take,” O’Dell said.

DPS recommends students and faculty members always lock their rooms and keep valuables out of sight. If anyone witnesses suspicious activity on campus, they should contact DPS immediately.

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