Eastern honors faculty for teaching excellence

The Eastern Michigan University Alumni Association is holding their teaching excellence awards on Saturday. These awards will honor eight faculty members from four different colleges for going the extra mile in instruction.

“They’re nominated by current students and alumni,” Vicki Reaume, director of alumni relations, said. “Then they’re selected by the alumni association’s board of directors.”

To nominate an instructor, students must submit an online form explaining why the nominee deserves this honor, and an essay on how the faculty member has affected their education.

“We usually have one per college, sometimes up to three depending on the selection committee and the size of the college,” Reaume said.

In order to qualify for the award, they not only have to be a fully time faculty member who has been on staff for three or more years, but they also have to reach the criteria of being an excellent teacher. This includes things like having a grasp of their subject manner, effective presentation of what is being taught, stimulates and develops understanding, arouses interest and demonstrates resourcefulness.

For their hard work and dedication, the recipients are rewarded with a few tokens of gratitude.

“The award winners get a medallion, an actual award that looks like an apple, and a certificate,” Reaume said.

But this recognition of excellence goes far beyond the physical awards, and is more about the meaning behind them.

“It means a lot to the individual because it comes from the alumni or current students,” Reaume said. “No one knows better then our alumni how dedicated the faculty is to their students.

“The teaching excellence awards ceremony provides us with an opportunity to honor the faculty for the teaching excellence they provide.”

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