Halle grid failure fate still uncertain

Due to problems with the electrical backup system in Halle, the electrical grid was shut down at 11:30 a.m. on Monday, Sept. 28. At this time, there is no update on when the system will be fully restored, or what is still being directly affected by the outage.

“The system failed over night resulting in a shut down of all systems hosted in that facility,” said Rocky Jenkins, systems and network director, in a press release. “Systems were recovered early [that] morning and the system was restored to a basic level of service.”

While the system is shut down, it can interfere with things that use any my.emich user id and password, the library catalog system, lab printing and IT.emich.edu. Other services, like EMUnix Cluster and some department specific servers and services will be totally down during the outage.

“We are taking this action to restore systems to normal performance levels and to avoid potential resulting damage to connected systems and data that could result from another unanticipated power failure,” said Jenkins.

“At this time, we do not have an estimated time for returning the system to full service. This will depend on the nature of the problem within the system and the time required by the vendor to correct that problem.”

In a society that relies heavily on electronics, this can become a serious issue for students, especially if they take online courses.

“If it’s down for a while and they’re fixing systems, that means I could fail a class that I paid a lot of money for because its all online,” said Junior Dannielle Foreman. “Not only that, but if the emich id systems were down, I wouldn’t be able to get any e-mails that went through the my.emich system.”

To keep up on this issue, visit http://it.emich.edu/ and look in the center column under the news heading.

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