How to navigate world of dating

While walking around campus, I am sure you have seen guys hooting and hollering at girls. Or if you go to a bar and are female, I am sure at one point you have been grabbed or groped and given a cheesy pickup line like, “did it hurt… when you fell from heaven?”

Yeah, I’ve gotten that one before.

A lot of people are giving online dating a shot. Does it work? I have friends who swear by it. My roommate for example, has been with her boyfriend who she met through the Internet for about a year.

Guys say females put too much pressure on them and they feel the need to be perfect or someone who they are not. According to Bryan Bromley, a senior, men are “stupid, sexual beings who picture females naked within the first few minutes of meeting them.” Though Bromley is now single, he has been in some crazy controlling relationships.

Girls aren’t the only ones who have to deal with overly jealous significant others. I have witnessed my girlfriends being overly jealous and controlling, trying to be mothers to their boyfriends by telling them what they are going to do. The last time I checked, these girls are way too young to be mothers to their boyfriends.

Bromley says girls need to take initiative sometimes and ask guys out once in a while. He wants girls to be honest with him. If you aren’t interested, tell the guy you aren’t interested. He hates having to be the one to always initiate dates; he wants girls to approach him.

Mike Herman, a junior, said, “I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I am a mamma’s boy.” The biggest gripe he has with the opposite sex is the sense of humor he has that some girls don’t get, which hurts their feelings.

He thinks guys have a more logical way of thinking, while girls are more emotional thinkers.

Other issues, according to students, include girls with family issues, party girls and girls who don’t take others’ feelings into account.

Candace Green, a freshman, has gripes with guys who are too forward. She is single but can’t stand when she is asked by random guys she has never met if she is a virgin. She does not understand why guys think it is okay to touch her if they have never met before.

The issue with dating doesn’t end when you find that special someone, either. Ashley Hughes, a freshman, is happily taken but still has issues. She and her boyfriend deal with a near constant struggle for power. She has problems with other guys hitting on her and not caring if she has a boyfriend. She feels as if guys treat her like a piece of meat or an object.

I can relate to Hughes. I am recently single and am trying online dating right now, but have not had much luck. For some reason, I am not really into the guys who are into me.

I don’t like the clingy types or the types who work all of the time. I think I want what everyone wants: someone who can just “get” them. Someone to laugh with. Someone to have inside jokes with. Someone your friends don’t despise.

Trust me, I have been there and done that.

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