Student senators address drinking

Yesterday, approximately 20 student senators from the student government met to listen to the latest updates at Eastern Michigan University. The Senate heard proposals on bills to protect alcohol poisoning victims, extending library hours long term and pleas for money from the gymnastics team and Delta Signa Phi fraternity.

A proposal which would protect people who call into the police reporting alcohol abuse or poisoning was brought before the Senate. When incidences of alcohol poisoning occur on campus, some students hesitate to call for help in fear they may get in trouble for drinking underage, resulting in another student’s death by alcohol. As one student senator said, “A potential life could be saved with this bill.”

The passing of this bill would help encourage students to call for help.

“Honestly, I think it’s a fantastic idea,” says student Matt Mundy. “Whether we like it or not, there is underage drinking on campus. And I feel that students fear calling due to legal issues. It would be very helpful if something like this was passed, because as I said before, it’s nearly impossible to stop underage drinking. Underage drinkers, most, haven’t been drinking very long so they don’t know how much their bodies can handle.”

The senate also heard pleas from the gymnastics team and Delta Signa Phi fraternity for funds. Money for the gymnastics team would help pay for uniforms, equipment, field trips and any other expense needs.

Updates were given on “Club Halle,” a new policy that has extended library hours and the hours of the Paradox cafe to help benefit students. The Senate hopes that longer hours would encourage students to study longer and achieve success in their academics, especially during finals and midterms when the need for quiet studying is in the greatest demand. Access to Club Halle would require a valid student I.D. after midnight.

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