War in Afghanistan too expensive to pursue

Photo silhouette image of a U.S. marine in Afghanistan.

This Oct. 7th marked the eighth year our country has spent fighting the war in Afghanistan.
This is one of the longest wars we have ever been involved in.

Instead of talking about a strategy to finally end the war, the majority of our leaders are only concerned with discussing how many more troops we should send over there. We are nearly bankrupting ourselves by carelessly creating billions of dollars out of thin air via the Federal Reserve and spending it on war.

The last few weeks or so have been focused on the number of troops. The disagreement over how many bodies we should send has been repeated over and over again. While this looks good on television and fools constituents into thinking action is being taken it does nothing to end the fighting or bring our troops home.

No one from the current administration involved in the execution of policy in Afghanistan wants to admit we are making the situation worse by ramping up the violence. We are creating more enemies for ourselves in Afghanistan by continually sending more troops to occupy the streets.

Why is it we were able to defeat the Taliban in 2001 with a meager 10,000 troops, yet now we need to continually pump up troop numbers by tens of thousands just to maintain control of the area? Maybe it is because our decades of interventionism in Middle East politics have finally caught up to us. Is it out of the realm of possibility to think all of the hundreds of thousands of innocent deaths due to careless bombing campaigns by U.S. military have strengthened the resolve of our enemies?

We have to accept the fact that when people are controlled and oppressed they will eventually reach a breaking point. Our troops are finding out our efforts in Afghanistan are only for show, to try and save face.

Why does it seem the current administration doesn’t care about saving our troops?

Throughout history, countries that have constantly engaged in war after prolonged war have fallen. The amount of money we are spending on prolonged war is astronomical. We are spending ourselves into oblivion. The money that is used to fund our government’s irresponsible spending is being created out of thin air.

Even if you don’t particularly care about economics, politics or foreign policy, these issues directly impact your future prosperity. Our money is being rendered worthless the more we allow the government to print it out. In order for our generation and future generations to be prosperous we have to demand sound money.

We cannot continue to allow our government to spend irresponsibly and punish its citizens by printing up whatever money they need to achieve their goals. We have to demand they show some kind of financial restraint. Ending a hugely expensive war that is only getting more violent by the day is a good start to ensuring we have peace and prosperity in the coming decades.

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