In our opinion: State promises to its students should be kept

When Gov. Jennifer Granholm signed the budget, she knew funding for the Michigan Promise Scholarship was not included.

So, to those 96,000 students expecting help: The check is not in the mail.

In these tough economic times, a scholarship like this one can truly be the difference between attending college and not.

The editorial staff of The Eastern Echo believes the Michigan Promise Scholarship should not have been cut. Many students at Eastern Michigan University and other universities across the state rely on that money for their student bills.

However, in order to save the scholarship, Michigan legislators would most likely have to raise taxes. And in an economic crisis, this is not the smartest move as so many are already strapped for cash and haven’t the capability of shelling out more.

The Michigan Legislature should have worked harder to keep the Promise Scholarship available. They should have kept their promise to our state’s students. But no amount of budget balancing can make up the amount saved from canceling the scholarship.

The state is broke, plain and simple.

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