Men need self-control

Guys, we have a problem: We are not treating our ladies with the respect they deserve. Over the last four weeks, I have heard way too many stories of how ladies have had to break up with their boyfriends because they found out they were cheating. Now, every situation is different; there might be a whole host of factors involved in a decision to be in a relationship with another woman. If that is the case, why not be a man and tell the woman you’re currently with that you’re not interested anymore. I’m sure that would be much more respectful than going behind your girl’s back and engaging in a relationship with another person. Now, I understand there are many good-looking women out there, and you might be tempted. But every person on this planet has the ability to exercise self-control and self-restraint. When I was in middle school I heard this one guy saying that when one man does something stupid, every man in the world suffers for it. This is another one of those statements that are too true. When you decide to cheat another woman finds out, and old-school guys who are trying to find a good woman are dealt another blow to their efforts. As a man, I believe we can do better than this.

Now ladies, there is something you should understand, as well: If you find out your boyfriend is cheating on you, it is very likely he’ll do it again. I’m not saying you should not trust your boyfriends, I’m simply advising you to think about their past issues. Trust in any relationship is very important; it is like a sacred contract. When one person violates that agreement, that trust and integrity should be called into question.

Ladies, you should not allow yourselves to be convinced that he’s not going to do it again if he’s already done it once. If you give them a pass the first time, they’re likely to believe they can get away with it. Why put yourself through all that stress for someone who does not have the respect to treat you as a woman should be treated.

Ladies, there are many good men out there who believe in treating you with the respect you deserve. So you shouldn’t completely give up on men.

This is basically an issue of respect for the person you said you wanted to be with. It is better to be honest with someone up front than to hide your affair behind closed doors. Honesty in this case is the best policy. I’m not saying women don’t cheat, as well. I’m saying that as men we should be honest enough with our girlfriends to let them know if we are not interested in being with them any longer. Guys get it together.

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