Palin shows focus of U.S. is askew

The Sarah Palin media blitz has begun. Her book will sell a ton of copies, and she will probably begin to build herself up for a run at the presidency. She will make appearances on the talk show circuit and talk about what she thinks is wrong with America. I hope someone gives her a reality show and hopefully the fame and fortune she receives will be enough to keep her away from politics forever.

This whole making people famous for dumb reasons trend in our society has gone too far. It was one thing when the goal for these kinds of people was movie roles and pockets full of cash. Now we are letting them con us into thinking Sarah Palin is some kind of charismatic rebel who will shake the foundation of American politics.

A significant group of people need to read her book and learn about her “American life.” What do people rushing out to get her book think they will gain by reading what was ghost written in the first place? Do they think the life of a washed up beauty queen turned governor is that interesting? I mean did these people even listen to her farewell speech as governor? This lady confuses herself sometimes.

Her “Farewell Alaska but this place sucks, I need to get fame and fortune on the mainland” speech was so incoherent and rambling William Shatner read it out loud on a late-night talk show and it sounded like the lost works of Charles Bukowski.

Sarah Palin is just not good enough to be president. There are a lot of people out there who will argue and get angry when I say that. Really angry. They will act like I am attacking them and they will take it personally. They will wonder why I don’t want to “go rouge” with them for a better America. They will hang on every word of their little flash in the pan Palin, and they will ignore reality.

The reality is Americans are far too concerned with people’s personalities. They will be exposed to coverage from the mainstream media, which only talks about the personalities of politicians and not their policies. They will play along with our farce of a political system and believe there is a difference between the two parties. They will buy into the flawed idea that the two choices shoved down our throats are actually a choice; it is not.

Things have gone too far. We need to demand more from the two-party system we put so much faith in. If Sarah Palin can be considered a serious contender to sit in office as president someday, then we have failed in our civic duty. Maybe all of our apathy and our failure to vote in elections has come back to haunt us. I think we should stop letting Republicans and Democrats have so many chances to screw things up.

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