Celebrities deserve to lead private lives ... just like us

Actor Robert Pattinson is just one of many celebrities who are common targets of the information-crazed paparazzi.

We each need personal space and the privacy we deserve. We each are in the comfort of our homes, cities and states without having to worry about our privacy being violated. The same can not be said of the many famous people who try, but fail, to walk among us unnoticed, because they are constantly being followed by photographers.

We get to go to the store every day without having someone follow us. We get to go to the doctor without someone spying on us, wanting to know why we’re there. Celebrities, on the other hand, have photographers at their doorstep around the clock, giving them no room to breathe, let alone room to go shopping without being recognized, followed, and/or spied on. Every celebrity so far has been followed and exposed in some way or another. If it isn’t about what they wear every day, then it’s about what type of foods they like to eat. Aren’t they entitled to some sort of privacy, whether they are famous or not?

Although they are known for what they do, they are still working like everyone else and this is their job. Sure, it is a publicized job, but that does not mean the public has to know more than it should. You know which movie they are acting in or which song they are working on, and that should be enough. Not many people bring their private life into their job, so why should celebrities be any different?

For those who are thinking right now, they chose this, so they better live with it, how would you feel if a group of photographers followed you around every day, only stopping when you enter the house? I don’t think you would feel good about it. Most of these celebrities try to live normal lives, blending in with everyone else, and being followed around is not the best way of “blending in.”

And for those who are just bored and would like to get their minds off of every day life, there are different ways to do it than snooping on people and reading the gossip in magazines. As for those who would like to be reassured, celebrities are not perfect, they could be walking among you if you let them, showing you for sure they are not perfect. No need to go looking through magazines for that.

Famous people can be easily compared to someone who is working as an engineer or a teacher. They work hard to reach where they are now and they are always looking for recognition and promotion for the extra work they’ve been putting in. So, in a sense, they are just like us everyday people, which means they should be able to have some sort of control over what is publicized about their lives and what isn’t. They should be able to choose what they want to give to the general public and not be judged for how they dress and what they eat everyday.

In addition, it is a total waste of time to spy and stalk people like you and me just to know what they do on a Saturday morning, which is probably no different from what each of us does. Apparently photographers have nothing better to do, even if this is their job. No one would agree to an invasion of privacy, so why should we justify it to the many photographers just so we can get our daily dose of Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart?

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