Obama is letting the country down

It’s official. President Obama has caved to the desires of war hawks and interventionists.

He addressed the volatile situation in Afghanistan and has called up 30,000 more troops to support his ongoing project. Like every other problem in the last four to five decades, the twisted and out of touch Republicans and Democrats think it can be fixed by throwing money at it.

It is more than money that is being thrown at Afghanistan. The lives of our troops are being wagered in a deadly game that has no end in sight. Like a game of Monopoly with annoying family members during the holidays.

All the public keeps hearing about is how our forces are doing dirty work over there to protect us back home. That we cannot leave until we are certain that our leaving will not cause the collapse of Afghan society.

These claims are absurd. All our occupation of Afghanistan has done is made more problems for us, along with more enemies.

Our current president has way too many things in common with the last one.

He relies on short sighted, greedy Wallstreet tycoons for his “advice” on the economy. He meets with many different lobbyists multiple times during the crafting of important legislation. And he charms most journalists in a way that keeps them from asking serious questions.

Most big-time journalists who cover President Obama are unable to give you accurate information about his exploits. They are either Republican fear mongerers who want you to believe Democrat Obama will surrender our nation to the Chinese. Or they are Democrat fear mongerers who want you to think that endless spending and taxation is socially responsible.

These kinds of people cover Afghanistan the way the way they are told to. They never point out that according to the Constitution any war that is not declared by a majority vote of Congress is not legal. They have chosen to acknowledge their First Amendment right as journalists, but they pay no attention to the procedures that our forebears shed blood to give us to better our future.


What a powerful and popular buzzword these last nine years. As if we would even know what a victory in Afghanistan looks like now. We risk stretching ourselves to the breaking point. Like a pat of butter that is not big enough for our piece of bread we are getting dangerously thin.

Our troops don’t have the spirit to believe in their efforts in Afghanistan anymore. Believe me, I’ve talked to these guys at the Veterans Administration hospital in Ann Arbor. To them it’s an extremely dangerous paycheck they would not have been able to claim in their hometowns. They are oftentimes largely thankful for the opportunity.

I wanted to believe the 2008 election was really going to change the system. I clung to the idea that an outsider was finally going to get a shot to stand up for the little guy. It looks like I was wrong again.

Damn those highly skilled advertising geniuses.

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