Congress needs to get down to business

President Obama gave his State of the Union address to Congress on Capitol Hill last Wednesday, where he urged Congress, Democrats in particular to make a consensus on health care reform.

Congress’ debate over healthcare continues and though you may be sick of it at least you’ll have a chance of being insured if they pass it.

With constant debate, internal and external conflict and a response of the American people that’s tepid at best, it’s surprising almost how persistent the Democrats are in seeing through to their goal.

An Associated Press article said “Giving up on overhauling the nation’s health care system is not an option…” In possibly the first competency shown as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is quoted as saying “I don’t see that (abandoning a health care initiative) as a possibility. We will have something.”

While it’s nice that Pelosi had two scoops of confidence with her morning cereal, I can’t help but think, perhaps that kind of confidence could have come in handy, say, four months ago?

Maybe if the Democrats had shown some resolve before the bill became the thing it has now, it wouldn’t be so disliked for being junk. I’m as much for compromise as the next guy, but there’s a difference between compromise and being steamrolled.

There were sixty of you. You could have had a bill that was a decent compromise and rammed it through if you tried hard enough. Of course, that would require them to agree on anything.

How about you agree to make health care a states’ rights issue so you can work on something else? That way the Republicans get small government, the Democrats get the plan they want for their state and third party people like me don’t lose our hair watching you idiots turn your jobs into reality TV.

President Obama saw this in what may be the best State of the Union address in history, where he called out the Democrats on their constant rolling over and lack of resolve.

The guy you championed for change is doing his job; he’s demanding that congress get off their lazy plush toilet seats and do something. If you won’t listen to the people, you know, the ones who elected you to get things done, then maybe you’ll listen to him.

Unless you like the idea of being known as the most useless congress in history.

In the previously mentioned article, there were some things Pelosi didn’t say, among them, “whether the final bill will be the sweeping overhaul sought by Obama, or smaller-scale legislation that accomplishes only some of his goals. Democrats were on the verge of passing far-reaching legislation before the Massachusetts election.

“Stunned by the loss, Democratic leaders have taken healthcare legislation off the fast track as they try to find a path forward acceptable to rank-and-file Democrats wary of unhappy midterm election voters,” said the article.

So the one state with healthcare reform more progressive than you is what stopped you?

One Republican had the power to halt Congress in its tracks? Wow, and they say they have no voice or power now. Hypocrites.

My point is it’s about time you either bowed out and made healthcare a state issue, or if you are going to show some spine and resolve, do it now, and do it hard.

Thomas Jefferson said “in matters of style swim with the current, in matter of principal stand like a rock.” Start rocking.

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