Tax big bankers

While 2009 is still fresh in our minds, it is important that we start 2010 right. Just like in 2009, the huge banks are propped up with taxpayer dollars. The Huffington Post has come up with a way we can get back at the banking cartels.

While the Huffington Post is quite liberal, we can all agree with it when we see huge banks bailed out. It should turn one’s stomach; perhaps even sicken it. The well-connected have used our tax dollars like a never-ending supply of rainy day money.

That is why we should move our money out of the big banks and transfer it to a local banks.

Your money will be safe; the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation insures all accounts up to $250,000 for certified banks.

Why should you do this? First of all, if you need a loan, a local banker will treat you like a valued customer rather than like a burden.

Also, we should consider it as a penalty the big banks have to pay. They ignored the rules they were supposed to follow. They also lied and scared many people into believing that if there was no bailout then American society would be destroyed.

Taking our money out of the big banks is a tax of sorts; the folks at the Huffington Post are calling it a withdrawal tax. I like that.

Let’s tax these bankers as heavily as we get taxed. We get taxed heavily while we work our tails off to pay for government and banker schemes that never benefit us.

That’s right, it is time to send a message. One that says we are fed up with Wall Street. Let’s show President Obama we were serious when we put the “Change we can believe in” bumper stickers on our cars.

The time has come for us to stop waiting for Washington to fix things. Politicians are a part of the problem. We have to take our society back a few decades to when our voice still mattered.

JP Morgan/Chase, Citi and Wells Fargo are huge. They are not too huge to feel a sting when a large number of people pull their money out of their banks. The only language they understand is money.

Let’s take the power back. Bankers from the Federal Reserve System caused the Great Depression, and they caused this recession too.

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