GOP lines splintering

As I’m sure you are aware, we face the midterm elections this year, and there is some pretty interesting stuff going on in Washington. Polls now show the country is feeling harshly anti-establishment.

To me, it feels like an acceleration of the feelings that ended the Republican majorities.

So why are third parties not benefiting from this reaction?

One could say the Tea Party is an up-and-coming and legitimate third party, but mainly their nominees are fighting within the confines of the party primaries.

However, this is what I find most interesting. I think this year we will begin to see a greater splintering within the two parties. Most interesting of all, I think we will see the death of the Neocon, or at least a lessening of his or her power.

What is a Neocon? A Neocon is short for a Neo-Conservative. People like George Bush, John McCain, Judd Gregg and Lindsey Graham best personify
Neo-Conservatives. This wing of the Republican Party tends to be rather imperialistic, like the old left (Truman, Kennedy, and LBJ), and often seeks to solve issues via expansion of the central government.

Ironically, they get into office by appealing to small government conservatives, but once in, they push notions like the Patriot Act, No Child Left Behind, Medicare part D, etc.

I think there will be a rise of Libertarian officials this year, especially within the Republican Party. Right now, Ron Paul is the main beacon of individual liberty in the party, but primary polls are showing he might get some backup.

In Kentucky, Jim Bunning is retiring, and the Republican Party pushed Kentucky’s Secretary of State, Trey Grayson. He is generally a ‘good conservative,’ and Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul, ran against him in the primary.

Initially, Grayson was beating him soundly in the polls, but now Paul has taken a sizable lead in the polls and in fundraising.
In Grand Rapids, Vern Ehlers is retiring this year. Vern is what I would consider a Neocon or perhaps, a liberal Republican.

Running for his seat is Michigan State Representative Justin Amash. Amash is a dog to no party, and is principled on notions of the constitution, civil liberties, and individual liberties.

In the Florida Senate race, ex-Governor Charlie Crist is struggling against the upstart Marco Rubio. You’d think Crist would have a giant advantage in name recognition and funding, since he was governor, but his Neo-Conservative ideals are coming back to bite him in the butt.

I’m not saying the Republican Party should and will become the new Libertarian party, but I am saying descent can be very healthy.

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