Rape aggression defense classes offered on campus

Eastern Michigan University is offering free rape aggression defense courses that instruct women in defensive fighting tactics to fend off rapists and other attackers.
RAD shows women how to be more aware of their surroundings, while giving them basic hands-on defense training.

Four courses are being offered and all must be attended.

The classes began Feb. 5 and end Feb.22.

The courses are held 5-8 p.m. Monday nights, in room 212 of the REC/IM.
EMU students have registration priority for the class, but anyone interested can take the class if there’s room.

Officer Candace Dorsey has taught self-defense courses for 11 years.

“Women learn options of self defense,” Dorsey said. “They become more aware of their surroundings and they build self esteem when they come out of the class.”

She also taught a men’s self-defense class for five years.
Tabatha Peterson, a criminal justice major, believes it is important for EMU to teach women how to protect themselves.

“I think it is great when crime can be prevented before it starts,” Peterson said.
LaShawna Mount, a psychology major, believes the course is a good idea.

“I wish that I knew about it sooner,” Mount said.

The class will be held again during the Fall 2010 semester. It is important to register for the class if you plan on taking it.

Anyone interested in taking RAD classes should contact Candace Dorsey at cdorsey@emich.edu or by calling 734-487-0987.

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