Devoted politicians push healthcare bill

It’s easy to be cynical these days. Corruption and scandal; gridlock and bickering. No one would blame you for losing faith in our leaders. But for the optimist within you, there is still plenty to believe in and you will find it in some very surprising places.

For those familiar with this column, seeing President Obama, Senator Reid, and Speaker Pelosi on this list might stop your heart. But if you believe in seeing the glass half full, you can find inspiration in the aforementioned liberal trinity.

They are pushing an enormous bill that is unpopular with the American people, but if you step back, you can see something worth believing in.

They are willing to go down for this. The president and his congressional allies are willing to be swept out of office and out of power for this bill. They believe in it.
While the bill is deeply flawed and troubling, the fact that President Obama, Senator Reid, and Speaker Pelosi are committing political suicide for it is actually quite comforting. They think passing this bill is the right thing to do and they are willing to risk everything for it.

This may seem too idealistic for some of you jaded by years of political games. You may find this theory too naïve, but for the optimist within, it’s the glass half full. Our leaders, right or wrong, still believe in something.

Another place to regain your faith in our leaders is amongst the obstructionists. The liberal talking heads call the Republicans the “Party of No.” Most members of the party brush the title off, but some have begun to embrace it and they should.

There is nothing wrong with saying “no” to something you believe is wrong. We ought to say no when someone speaks with hate. We ought to say no when someone steals. We ought to say no to injustice anywhere and everywhere. Martin Luther King Jr. said no. The Sons of Liberty said no. There is courage in saying no.

The Republican opposition, right or wrong, believe this bill must be defeated at all costs and are willing to do whatever it takes. They stand strong in the face of a liberal majority. Just a few short years ago, the Republican Party was in shambles.

Today, they’ve found their conscience. They’ve drawn a line in the sand. Their message is: “this bill will pass over our dead bodies.”

Finally, the party that had lost its way and gone on a shopping spree with taxpayer dollars has found their principles. They believe in something once more.

Now, saying two major political parties in Washington are virtuous is like saying the Detroit Lions are a well-run franchise. But if you want to believe in something, the optimist within has some material to work with.

Spring is an optimistic time in America and for those of you trying to be hopeful, all is not lost.

It’s easy to see reconciliation attempts as a political trick that pushes socialism on the American people, but you could also see it as true believers risking it all for their beliefs. It’s easy to view filibusters as obstruction, but you could also view them as true believers standing up and courageously saying no to something they find truly wrong.

In both cases, this columnist will choose the latter. You can choose to believe we’re doomed, or you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

You can believe were headed for collapse, or you can believe our best days are ahead of us. You can see a sunset, or you can see a sunrise.

If you’re trying to find something to believe in these days, it’s all about how you look at the world.

You can see the glass half empty, but you’ll be better off if you see it half full.

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