Illegal immigrants angry at lack of influence in D.C.

Immigrant’s rights groups are mad at President Obama and his fellow Democrats. They’re irritated the president is filling his daily schedule with silly things like health care, the economy and the War on Terror. What he should be focusing on is fast-tracking legislation to legalize the undocumented immigrants already inside the borders. Are they serious?

A recent Washington Post article quoted immigrant advocates such as Brent Wilkes of the League of United Latin American Citizens, who “feel betrayed” by the Obama Administration for not delivering new immigration legislation.

These “betrayed” advocates are threatening to bring thousands of likewise disappointed demonstrators to protest in D.C. on March 21. That just seems like a really bad idea to me. Why would anyone openly admit illegal immigrants would be at a specific place on a specific day? If someone calls the Metro Police, all those illegal immigrants could be arrested and deported. It seems counterproductive for their cause.

These illegal immigrants and supporters have also sworn they will make the democrats pay in the upcoming midterm elections. Emma Lozano, the executive director of the advocacy group Centro Sin Fronteras, actually went on record with the threat of “No legalization. No reelection.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I was under the impression illegal immigrants were not allowed to vote. How much power do they actually think they have? And what makes these people think a Republican-controlled Congress will be any more open to passing illegal immigrant friendly legislation?

I understand this country was founded on the idea of an “open-door policy” and welcomed the poor and the persecuted who are searching for a better life. But when laws are broken, I lose sympathy and understanding for those who sneak in and then demand fairness.

Immigrants fake documents and cross borders in secret to come to the United States. When they skip all the legal steps to gain citizenship and entry into the country, they should not get a free pass.

These advocates are demanding President Obama completely rewrite the immigration laws, wipe the slate clean and grant citizenship to all those who broke the rules to get here.

That sounds like a great idea. Let’s reward those who ignored the laws and keep the people waiting in line to get here the right way waiting even longer. Does anyone else see the hypocrisy here, or is it just me?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, February stats still showed the country with more than a 9 percent unemployment rate. Why should the president push through legislation making it easier for undocumented immigrants to get jobs when citizens can’t find work? That will only hurt the country, and not help it.

Supporters are also waving the flag of betrayal, because the government had a record number of deportations in 2009. This might sound cold but I’m sorry, if you’re here illegally, you deserve to be sent home.

The government spends way too much money paying for public education, with illegal students occupying seats and immigrants using free clinics. The money could be used in a million different ways to fix our other problems. Illegal immigrants cost the country too much money, even when we deport them.

According to a Washington Post article, White House officials said the president planned a meeting to discuss “fixing our broken immigration system.” But what makes these advocates think these changes will be in their favor? A change in the policies could swing in the opposite direction, making it harder for illegal immigrants to gain citizenship, rights and find work.

These people are called “illegal immigrants” for a reason; it’s illegal for them to be here. We should not reward them – and make it easier for them to be here – we should tighten down the existing laws and prosecute those who choose to ignore them. There is a level of arrogance in foreigners who believe they are above the laws of a country they want to inhabit. We shouldn’t make it any easier for them to take advantage of our resources and our opportunities when so many others want to move here and go through process the right way.

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