Police Blotter

March 16
A rowdy group of EMU students smashed the card reader outside the Oakwood parking lot. The incident took place around 9 p.m. It was witnessed by a DPS officer who quickly apprehended the subjects. The driver and the person responsible for breaking the reader were issued fines for vandalism and will be financially responsible for re-installing a new card reader.

March 17
An EMU student living in Sellers Hall was arrested for possession of marijuana. The subject was found to have more than an ounce of the controlled substance, which qualifies as intent to sell. The final charges and the student’s future at EMU has not been verified.

March 18
An EMU student nearly died of alcohol poisoning around 2 a.m. The subject was underage and began showing signs of overconsumption after six hours of partying. Friends called an ambulance that whisked their inebriated friend to the hospital. The entire group of students was underage, so MIPs were given to all involved. The student who was taken to the hospital survived and has been discharged.

March 19
An act of arson was committed in Sellers Hall around 3 p.m. An EMU student equipped with a BIC lighter approached the main floor bulletin board and lit it on fire. The subject then fled the scene and has not been identified. Anyone with any information regarding the burning of the bulletin board should contact DPS immediately.

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