Avoid abominable drivers this winter

It’s winter, everyone, and what do we all have to expect? Majestic, white wonderlands, graceful falling flakes and a festive cheery atmosphere. Unfortunately, with those things come poor road conditions and the inevitable subzero temperatures associated with the winter months. My advice? Bundle up and avoid driving at all costs.
Now don’t get me wrong, I like the season and people in general, but what is it about winter that brings the most inept and bad decision-making drivers in the world out of the woodwork? Is it just me, because if it is I’ll shut up, or am I of a common mind when I think a light powdering of snow on the road doesn’t necessitate driving under the speed limit by 15 miles per hour? Those people, to me, are among the most annoying people in existence, but I digress.
Of course, the season’s snow and brilliance brings with it the sometimes pleasant and sometimes debilitating cold. Cold itself necessitates the clothes that people tend to bundle themselves in. It’s a biting, gnawing sensation that generally leads people to surliness. Generally, when I see people walking in the cold, there is not a single person smiling. So much for festive with that observation.
I’m of a mind that winter should only last for about two weeks. From around Dec. 20 to the first week of January would be ideal. It allows people to have a white Christmas, which to some is a staple, and it also allows them to enjoy snow activities like making snowmen and skiing.
Beyond that, it just seems as if snow is an utter inconvenience. I think back to when I was younger and I remember more often than not a good snowball fight turned into a full-on white-wash fest. Granted, that was my friends being boys, but just the same, it was unpleasant.
As for what one should do to survive this time of year, I suggest bundling up and avoid driving whenever possible. I tend to stress focus on the latter, as road conditions coupled with the less-than-capable driving majority tend to make life unsafe.
I know I sound like a broken record, but it seems to me during these bad winter months, the bad drivers on the road are the real road hazard during bad weather. I cannot abide these people, and that’s why I urge people to just stay off the road. Carpool if you need to; just avoid the bad drivers at all costs.
So, I wish you all well in your endeavors and I hope you can remain safe and warm in these winter months. The weather is chilling and the people are trying, but power through and we’ll be enjoying a too-hot summer in a few months. Then I’ll have something else to rant about.

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