EMU's LBC credit will be recorded differently

Starting in Fall 2012, a new system will be implemented in the way Learning Beyond the Classroom credits are distributed for new and current students.

This technologically advanced system will help track student attendance at academic and cultural LBC accredited events for the purposes of satisfying LBC group 3, option 1. Each undergraduate student will be assigned their own individualized Quick Response bar code.

“When attending events, students will simply have their bar code scanned by our Codereader system and their attendance will automatically be uploaded onto their electronic record,” said Chris Foreman, EMU’s general education director, who had been working actively with student government to help implement this new system.

“This is truly an amazing advancement and one that will be extremely cost efficient as
compared to more costly swipe card mechanisms. There will be no additional costs to
students for this service,” Foreman said.

More information about the new system will be available closer to the fall 2012 semester.
An LBC credit is a part of the general education requirements here at EMU, which requires students who entered EMU in 2007 or later to participate in LBC experiences.

An LBC credit encourages hands on experiences and skills for the future outside of the classroom. In order to fulfill the LBC requirement, a student must fulfill either one or two of the six groups to choose from. This all depends on the status of the student.

Freshmen must complete two of the six groups, while undergraduate transfers only need to complete one of the six groups.

The groups require a student to attend a wide variety of activities, be involved in an organization or take an LBC accredited class. The best way to find LBC credits is to look in the EMU online course catalog for events with the LBC logo, or check out the Campus Life website. These events will require a student to sign in and complete instructions in order to receive the credit.

In order to check how many LBC credits you have received, go to my.emich.edu, and sign in with your my.emich name and password. Click on the student tab, student services, student records and lastly supplemental advising information.

For more information and a complete list of LBC credit options, contact the General Education Office at 734-487-0439 or at www.emich.edu/gened.

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