Fitness Files: Dorm room workout ideas

With fall weather approaching, doing much of anything outside except bonfires seems less and less likely.

It’s cold, it’s rainy and you may not feel like getting up at eight in the morning to go to the Rec/IM. There are those days where you just feel like staying inside and drinking a mug of hot cocoa.

But have no fear, if you don’t want to leave the warmth of your dorm to go workout you can bring the workout to your dorm room.

First target: triceps. To start, sit straight up on the edge of a sturdy chair or even a step, and wrap your fingers around the front edge. Lower your hips to the floor, bending your elbows until they form a right angle. Press up again until your elbows are straight and repeat.

Second target: abs. Begin by lying face down on the floor with your palms next to your shoulders. Your legs should be together. Lift your body up so that your arms are straight and your hands are directly below your shoulders. Trying to keep your body as straight as possible, hold the position for 30 seconds and then lower yourself back down. Work up to holding the pose for one to three minutes.

Third target: lower back. Lie on your stomach and stretch out your arms and legs so that they are about two inches off of the ground. Raise your right arm and left leg off the floor. Lower and repeat with your left arm and right leg. Don’t hold your breath while you do this exercise; always keep your breathing steady.

Fourth target: hips. First, stand with your feet slightly apart with your hands on your hips. This workout does require good balance, so you may want to put one hand on a chair for support. Lift your left leg slowly and keep your knee bent. Lift your knee as high as possible and hold it for three seconds. Lower and switch sides.

Fifth target: thighs. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Step forward with your right leg about two feet and lower your body so that both of your knees are at a right angle. Return to the starting position and repeat with your left leg.

Don’t let your tiny dorm room limit your physical activity; you can still workout while watching TV or while you’re taking a break from studying.

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