Obama popular in Michigan

Recent polling percentages show that President Barak Obama has regained the lead with Michigan voters.

The poll, conducted on Sept.12, shows that the president leads Republican nominee Mitt Romney 45.49 percent to 43.65 percent, a lead of 1.84 points.

With the 2012 election looming, Americans across the country have become increasingly interested in what is going on inside the minds of other voters and where other fellow supporters stand.

Foster McCollum White Baydoun, a national public opinion polling and voter analytics consulting firm based in Michigan, steered a telephone-automated random polling survey of Michigan-registered voters who are most likely to vote in the November 2012 general election to determine voting and preferences on different issues.

Topics in the survey included the baselines for Presidential General Election Preference and for United State Senate General Election Preference, voters’ partiality for trusting the Presidential candidates, voters’ inclination for understanding a candidate’s strategies and the baseline for all six Michigan Statewide ballot proposals.

FMW conducted a 16 question automated poll survey which was appointed by Fox 2 News Detroit.

According to FMW, the population surveyed consisted of a model of traditional Michigan high participation registered voters and voters that were appropriate for Michigan General Election voting patterns.

FMW’s file does allow for unplanned moderate and small-participation voters to be included. The call file was randomized to allow for the extreme range of participation and randomization.

In a recent press release, Eric Foster, chief pollster for FMWB said, “The past month has helped President Obama regain traction with a number of voting groups he must win or be competitive with.

The campaign is still very fluid, as we identified in June and August. Neither campaign can afford to take Michigan and its 16 electoral votes for granted over the next two months. The President’s campaign needs to shift its focus towards presenting more of a business case narrative of why voters should re-elect President Obama while better defining why Romney-Ryan is not good for America.”

Attorney Tarek Baydoun, political analyst for Foster McCollum White Baydoun said in a press release, “The fact that Romney is still leading in the major swing four counties that are harbingers for victory statewide and is leading in 10 of Michigan’s 14 congressional districts indicates that Michigan is still wide open and the Democrat’s ground game will play a crucial role in keeping Michigan Blue.”

The polling data also suggests President Obama has increased support among the following groups such as male voters, white male voters, seven congressional districts that the president was trailing in August and southeastern Michigan. Governor Romney has gained strength with voters in the thumb region of Michigan, the seventh and ninth Congressional districts and white women voters.

FMW also asked respondents which candidate they have confidence in and who they believe will honor their campaign pledges, working to solve the problems of America.

According to the results, President Obama has a slight advantage, with 45.10 percent indicating they are more likely to trust Obama and 42.12 percent to trust Romney.

For more information on the polling results and details surrounding the poll, go to www.myfoxdetroit.com/category/237819/politics.

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