Staff music picks: September

“Broken Social Scene’s self-titled album could not have made it back onto my playlists with better timing. For myself, this album has always been great for fall and winter. Broken Social Scene’s albums carry rather large varieties of different sounding tracks, each perfect for its own unique situation. ‘Major Label Debut’ is cozy enough to keep even the most frigid commute nice and toasty, while ‘Windsurfing Nation’ and ‘Superconnected’ are both smart and energetic enough to fuel that soulless, yuppie spirit in us all. This album also features one of the best err… love-making songs I’ve ever heard, but I’ll let you listen to the album and see if you can figure out which one it is. No idea? Contact me and we can discuss it over dinner.”

-Lukas Burch, Photo Editor

“In all honesty, every single song on the ‘Port of Marrow’ album by The Shins is great and this basically proves that James Mercer, songwriter and sole constant member, has not lost his talent over the past five years. There are a variety of songs from pop to mellow. My favorite songs are ‘No Way Down,’ ‘Simple Song’ and ‘Port of Marrow.’

“The ‘Electra Heart’ album by Marina and the Diamonds. Was a concept album about the American dream with elements of a Greek tragedy. Every song is linked together and Electra Heart appears to be the main character. It’s fun and witty, which is everything a pop record should be. The best songs on the album are ‘Primadonna,’ ‘Starring Role,’ ‘Teen Idol’ and ‘Lonely Hearts Club.’

“‘What We Saw From the Cheap Seats’ album by Regina Spektor is the sixth album of her career, and sort of flies under the radar and most people think it isn’t that great. I, however, think this album fits into her personality and what she has always done. There are upbeat tunes and slow tunes, all of which have a deep meaning and listening to the words is a pleasure. My favorite songs on the album are ‘Don’t Leave Me,’ ‘All The Rowboats,’ ‘Firewood’ and ‘How.’

“You can always catch me listening to a Beatles album, and this month I seem to be stuck on ‘The White Album.’ Last month it was Sgt. Peppers. There are just so many great songs and this is when each individual Beatle really stepped out of the group and did their own songs. It’s lovely to see the personalities emerge on the same album. This isn’t their most creative album, but I do enjoy it tremendously. If you ask me to pick a favorite song…I can’t.”

-Ashlyn Zarate, Sports Editor

“I am normally an avid listener of classic rock, The Beatles and Lady Gaga (yes, random I know) and partial ‘today’s hits’ listener, but this month I have been listening to one album in particular: Maroon 5’s newest album, ‘Overexposed.’ I’ve always liked Maroon 5, and although this album isn’t popular with the critics, I still enjoy it and love Adam Levine’s unique voice. I drive over a half hour to EMU, so it’s a nice album to listen to while I’m driving.

-Marissa Beste, Copy Editor

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