Bald eagle becomes symbol for students

The bald eagle seen before every home football game has become a staple for Eastern Michigan University students, faculty and alumni.

This is thanks to Allison Morris, the communications and development director at the Leslie Science and Nature Center in Ann Arbor.

“The eagle is a mature bald eagle,” Morris said. “She came to us five years ago.”

A mature bald eagle is one who is older than five years of age.
This particular eagle, according to Morris, is six years and nine months old.

“She was pushed from her nest when she was an eaglet and is now wild,” Morris said. “It is not a pet. We’re not personifying it.”

The eagle will soon have company at the Center.

“We’re getting a new immature eagle soon,” Morris said.
She also shared a little insight about what exactly the eagle’s purpose is at Rynearson Stadium: The eagle is there to help team morale.

“She gets there after breakfast and is present at the stadium during the National Anthem,” Morris said. “She is with the team at halftime and comes out at the beginning of the second half.”

Seeing a bald eagle is a great symbol for the Eagles. Now fans and alumni have a little insight about the eagle off the field as well.

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