EMU students win tickets online to see ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’

Two young women, both Eastern Michigan University students, decided to watch “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” at work one day, and a few minutes later, the two decided to apply online for free tickets to the show. One year later they were on a plane and on their way to Los Angeles to be on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Cherese Colston and Nicole Richards were the two women who got to go on the show. It was a trip of a lifetime—not many college students can say they met DeGeneres and attended her show.
After waiting outside the Warner Bros. studios with tickets in hand, Colston and Richards were ready to have fun.

“It was a non-stop dance show,” Colston said. “Music was blaring loud; people were happy. The moment you get in, you’re dancing the whole time.”

A DeGeneres’ employee called out for dancers to come down and show their best dance moves. Out of the five people who actually participated and danced, Colston and Richards were the two who won.
Even though DeGeneres did not choose the dancers, Colston and Richards still accomplished their goal, which was to dance on the show. Since they were the winners of the dance competition, Colston and Richards won free shirts and a copy of a Cody Simpson CD.

“The experience overall was that moment when we got to the gate, and it was constant energy. The environment was positive and fun,” Colston said.

They also had the opportunity to look around L.A and experience a few things like walking the Hollywood Walk of Fame, seeing the Hollywood sign and walking through the famous hospital from “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Colston had a last message for Degeneres.

“Thank you so much for allowing us to be on the show. We danced hard, we laughed hard and it was a privilege,” she said. “Thank you for being an inspiration and we can’t wait to see you again. Keep a look out for our documentary ‘Cherese and Nicole Take L.A.’”

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