‘Flight’ surprises viewers: Story not what it seems


Based on the trailers, Robert Zemeckis’ film “Flight” seemed like a typical courtroom drama that would capture the attention of viewers like “A Few Good Men” did years ago, but it took a different approach.

Denzel Washington plays Whip Whitaker, the anti-hero of the story, in this riveting and impressive loose adaptation of a true story of a U.S. Airways pilot.

What the trailer shows is one great-looking tale of the perfect real-life hero that saves the lives of those on his flight, but when diving into the film the audience will realize not all is what it seems. The film is not only a comedic drama, but is the story of a hardcore drunk who also loves to do drugs like cocaine.

While the film itself is exciting for the most part, it has its dull moments. Although it’s guaranteed you’ll be rooting for Whip, by the end of the film your head will be red from all the times you smack it in frustration from decisions he and the rest of the characters make. However, this makes the film that much more interesting, as it is easy to emotionally connect with Whip and his life problems. You’ll be on the edge of your seat, especially during the actual malfunction of the plane.

One other thing the trailer failed to accurately portray was another starring character, Nicole, played by Kelly Reilly. Nicole is a drug addict who becomes a huge part of Whip’s life while they are both in the hospital recovering from different injuries. Soon after, Nicole and Whip start a relationship and end up living in Whip’s father’s farmhouse to escape from the media after the crash.

The way the story unfolded was unexpected. Washington’s performance was absolutely stunning and brought him into a new light that was hilarious and at the same time compromised, with a dark tone that leads audiences to believe he is one great actor who can play just about any type of role presented to him.

John Goodman as Harling Mays did not have as much screen time as he should have. Harling is another drug addict who not only uses but also deals. It’s through his comical performance that he helped keep a light side to the entire film, even though he lacked screen time.

The directing style of the film was unique, and the most exciting part of the film was the plane crash in the beginning. It was a tremendous-looking scene in the visual-effects sense as well as the style of cinematography.

Viewers will be surprised how many twists and turns they’ll go through as they watch this hit. Be prepared though, if you’re going into the theater hoping for the heroic story depicted in the trailers, you may be disappointed.

“Flight” is R-rated and stars Washington, Reilly, Bruce Greenwood and Don Cheadle.

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