‘Gangnam Style’ video shows fun side of EMU

The Korean pop song, “Gangnam Style” by 34-year-old South Korean artist PSY might have infected you with an irresistable urge to dance to the song while in class or hanging out at the Student Center.

The parodies alone are rapidly spreading, and it seems Eastern Michigan University is no longer able to hide from this phenomenon.

The EMU “Gangnam Style” video on YouTube cost $2,000 and took three months for Quack Media to produce.

EMU Associate Vice President of Marketing Theodore Coutilish said the goal of the video was to capture the fun and silly side of TRUEMU.

“We wanted to represent an authentic slice of TRUEMU campus life so we picked individuals who captured the very spirit of the campus,” Coutilish said. “From academic classes and labs to theater and sports, we wanted to showcase our sexy Eagles in a fun and entertaining way.”

Coutilish said it took a few weeks to decide on locations and types of shots, but all of the scenes were completed in two days.

EMU police officer Susan McLennan recalled EMU Chief of Police Robert Heighes asking her to participate in the video.

“My chief called me in and asked if I would be willing to be filmed for a video that EMU marketing was doing,” McLennan said. “I laughed when Ted Coutilish from marketing asked me if I was familiar with PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style.’”

She said her part in the video took 15 minutes to film, and she enjoyed showing that police officers have a sense of humor too.

McLennan jokingly said she would only listen to “Gangnam Style” in the future if she were forced to.
She added her kids couldn’t wait to show their mom’s debut in the EMU “Gangnam Style” video on YouTube.

“My kids have shown their friends the YouTube video, and they believe I’m a rock star,” McLennan said.

Al McWilliams, who produced the video, said producing the video came with difficulties.

“It was hard to produce the video because I had to listen to ‘Gangnam Style,’” McWilliams said.

The EMU “Gangnam Style” video has also received a warm welcoming from users on YouTube who found the video to be rather humorous.

“The video was great once I muted the volume,” YouTube user balsamella said. “I’m not a violent person, but this song makes me want to punch someone in the face.”

YouTube user erinrshaffer said, “I believe starting out emails with Heeeeey, sexy Eagles would
improve student response.”

As of late Wednesday, the official music video for PSY’s “Gangnam Style” had more than 1.2 billion views on YouTube, the Baby “Gangnam Style” parody had more than 4.2 million views and the Mitt Romney-style parody had 38.9 million views.

The EMU “Gangnam Style” video might only have 5,835 views, but the sense of pride shown in the video is priceless.

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