Man’s work lives through friend


When you die, will your works live on? Unlike many who have gone before him, the work of Kyle Linford is continuing to live on. Not only is Linford’s work continuing to grow after his death, but you have the opportunity to view one of his creations: A movie called “Kill for Her.”

Linford was a 22-year-old aspiring film director when he committed suicide April 6, 2011.

However, Linford didn’t just write scripts and direct shorts.
According to Linford’s friend, Eric Protiva, “Kyle loved watching the stars. Kyle loved the colors black and red. Kyle loved the television show ‘Lost’. Kyle loved cooking.”

Like many people, Linford not only enjoyed aspects of life, but he also was faced with challenges. Growing up, Linford battled depression. He sought help from therapists and medications, but their help wasn’t always enough to counter his personal demons.

As Linford had been fighting his depression, he kept a sort of record of his journey in his scripts. One such script was titled “Kill For Her.” The story stars the character of Jake, described as, “A troubled young man. Hiding in shadows, surrounded by an addiction he doesn’t fully understand.”

According to the Facebook page for “Kill For Her,” the premise of the plot is, “A heroin addict meets an angel who convinces him that he needs to kill certain people to save the outcome of the future.”
Lindford didn’t want his work to die with him, though, and included in his suicide note a special section to Protiva.

“I’m sorry Eric. Keep living your life, no matter what the world throws at you. Don’t slip up either. Make the cartoons, make the movies. I trust in you,” Linford wrote.

With that, Protiva had Lindford’s blessing to create the film, so Protiva started work.

Protiva’s goal wasn’t just to create a movie, though; it was to create a movement. While suicide is never a good thing, Protiva and the group who make up Morning Light Productions and #InKylesMemory hope to use Linford’s story and scripts to further the fight against suicide.

The production group plans to begin filming on Jan. 26 of this year.

Ultimately, that’s what it’s all about: Taking Linford’s work and requests and bringing them to life. Through them, not only can Linford’s work continue to live on, but his story can be used to save lives.

Morning Light Productions said, “We want everyone to know dreams can be achieved and their life matters.”

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