Student releases gospel album

Spreading a message might be a bit of a far stretch for some people, but for Eastern Michigan University sophomore Lydia Seale it’s only a matter of time before the world hears her message.

“For me, it’s about spreading the message of Christ and the message of my music. I’m just a vessel, and I believe God filled me with a message he wanted me to spread,” Seale said.

Seale, 18, released her debut gospel-pop album “13:13” Jan. 13 on iTunes.

She has topped the rankings of, and is one of the founders of the Pinky Promise organization started by Minister Heather Lindsey.

“Pinky Promise is to celebrate and uplift women who are remaining celibate,” Seale said. “In today’s society, they basically say if you’re not having sex, then you’re not living. But we believe that sex should be reserved between two [people] and bound by marriage.”

Pinky Promise will look to serve as a part of the EMU community with a message Seale believes will come to light with time and support.

“I’d love for the campus to be able to discuss solutions for many of the problems that we face as a culture and as a generation,” Seale said.

“We talk so much about the problems, issues and questions but rarely come up with viable solutions. I’d like to use my music to bring people together and inspire a sense of hope on campus,” she said.

With her vision for the future underway, Seale believes the key to anything is hard work and faith. These, she believes, are two of the key ingredients that will present success through anything she sets her mind to.

“My relationship with God is developed through personal experiences. Faith has taught me that it’s about knowing in side of your heart,” Seale said.

“13:13” is derived from Corinthians 13:13, which says, “And now these three remain; faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

It provided the best explanation of Seale’s bubbly-yet-determined personality.

Although Seale uses her talent to its maximum potential, she remains grounded by focusing equally on her academics and music. Treating both with top priority, this is most noticeable through her full-ride EMU presidential scholarship.

“Music and school is one idea; I can’t neglect either one.” Seale said. “My education is my destiny because God put me here for a reason. But my music is part of my destiny as well because that’s what he put me on Earth to do.”

With a dual passion for academia and music, Seale remains busy by dedicating the majority of her time to studying. She also actively participates in several on-campus organizations.

“I spend a bulk of my time studying for hours after I get out of class. I continue until I reach my studying goals,” Seale said. “I have organizational commitments as well so I make sure time management is of the essence.”

Seale acknowledged time management is essential when it comes to her organizational commitments. Her involvement on EMU’s campus looks to reach its peak with the arrival of Pinky Promise, which is expected to arrive in fall 2013.

Pinky Promise will not be Seale’s first organizational experience. She’s currently an active member of New Student Orientation Assistants, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and Inspired Motivational Activists Geared Toward Education.

Seale is looking to gain her first leadership role within an organization with the start of Pinky Promise alongside Lindsey.
While Seale didn’t have much to say regarding her album, she did acknowledge the support she’s received from the EMU community.

“EMU will always support you,” she said. “EMU supports you to do what you love, and that was no different with me. Do what you love and do what you’re called to do.”

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