Get a fake internet girlfriend for $750

If any of you single guys have ever wished you could pay a stranger to write nice things about you on your Facebook page or go on raids with you in “World of Warcraft,” a new service called Fake Internet Girlfriend might be just the thing you need.

For the rest of us, it is clear Fake Internet Girlfriend is nothing more than a slimy business preying on men with confidence issues.
According to the website, hiring a fake Internet girlfriend can help a man “avoid all the pesky little questions about why you’ve never been seen dating a girl before.”

Basically, a single man who has not had a traditional dating history should pay for a woman to pretend to be his girlfriend on the Internet, so the people in his life will stop questioning his sexuality.

Fake Internet Girlfriend cites other reasons a man may want to rent a fake girlfriend: to appear “normal” to his employer, to get nagging family members off his back and to make an ex-girlfriend jealous.

The service is not cheap: A fake Internet girlfriend costs a cool $250 a month and requires a three-month commitment, which brings the total minimum cost to $750.

Sorry, ladies: There is no option for a fake Internet boyfriend…yet.

I hope single men who worry about how their relationship status reflects on them will see Fake Internet Girlfriend for the opportunistic scheme it is. As for the man who might rent a fake girlfriend to make his ex jealous, well, he deserves to lose at least $750 for being immature.

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