Keep pets safe in cold temps

According to the Humane Society of Huron Valley, located at 3100 Cherry Hill Road in Ann Arbor, the recent cold temperatures and winter weather can be very dangerous for pets.

The HSHV is advising pet owners to keep their pets indoors as much as possible, especially puppies and kittens. It’s suggested the openings of dog houses face south or east to avoid winds, be elevated off the ground and have straw bedding inside.

The pet shelter also suggests dogs should not be let off their leash in the snow, not be shaved down to skin and should have their stomachs and legs wiped off upon returning inside. For dogs often active outdoors, an increased food supply high in protein keeps them healthy. Puppies and kittems, due to low tolerance for cold temperatures, should have minimum time outside.

The society advises motorists to check under the hood of their vehicles before starting them, to make sure no cats have climbed inside the engine compartment seeking shelter from the elements.

The shelter also noted antifreeze is poisonous to cats and dogs and any spills should be cleaned up quickly to prevent them from drinking any.

Other organizations also have advice for keeping pets safe.
The American Animal Hospital Association reminds pet owners that regular precautions be taken during the winter months, suggesting a checkup by the vet to reveal any vulnerabilities to cold.

The Ann Arbor Cat Clinic said outdoor cats need a shelter with two available exits, a constantly refilled water supply and increased food supply.

Please visit any Humane Society website for more information on how to keep your pets safe this winter. You can also visit the Humane Society of Huron Valley’s website at

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