CloseUP to honor its history in ‘Everything in Between’

Eastern Michigan University’s CloseUP Theatre Troupe will host Everything in Between, a reunion performance. The event will celebrate 15 years of giving students the opportunity to be able to express themselves through the arts, and will take place Sunday in the Student Center Auditorium from 4-5:30 p.m.

Former CloseUP member Deante Lovett said his experiences with CloseUP have helped him to be able to branch off into other areas of arts and entertainment.

“I felt as though CloseUP gave me the opportunity to just be myself,” Lovett, an electronics and communication major, said.

Although there was a diverse group of individuals involved, everyone was able to be comfortable in their own skin and have fun.

CloseUP is an organization derived strictly from the involvement and participation of students. All the content and material produced and showcased is made of original pieces that come directly from the mind, body and soul of the students.

Auditions for CloseUp are held twice a year. One audition takes place in the fall and the second audition takes place in late spring.

The unique thing about CloseUP is you do not have to have any prior experiences with theater or performance art, and you also don’t have to have a specific major in the same area. But, as a member, you have to attend all rehearsals and be able to work in a team setting.

The event will feature founding members of CloseUP as well as current members, directors and alumni of the troupe. For more information about the event, contact or

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