Eastern hosts grad open house

Prospective graduate students explored educational options during Eastern Michigan University’s Graduate Open House on Saturday at the Student Center.

Faculty at the open house answered questions about a variety of disciplines in areas such as science, business, the arts, education, technology and health and human services.

Current students, faculty and assistants discussed EMU’s 163-year-old history of excellence in education, and EMU’s community of world-renowned scholars and nearly 5,000 graduate students.

Graduate education is the process of exploring in-depth content that initially was presented during students’ baccalaureate programs. The purpose of graduate school is to hone one’s skills,
researching and expanding knowledge about a specific field of study.

New student Vanessa Coleman attended Saturday’s open house for this purpose. Graduating from Tennessee State University with a bachelor in interdisciplinary studies, Coleman has been a practicing nurse for 24 years. With a supportive husband by her side, she has returned to school, choosing EMU to receive her master’s degree. Coleman is not only a practicing nurse and new graduate student but a mother and grandmother of five.

“I feel like not having my master’s degree is holding me back,” Coleman said.

She plans to pursue an administration or management position after graduation, or possibly open her own business.

Patricia Chukwudi said she chose EMU for her graduate studies because the university was convenient and close to home.

“I had a good personal relationship with faculty who were very supportive,” she said. “Housing is great.”

Daniel Seely, an English language and literature professor at EMU, attended the event with his son to show support for his department.

“The faculty gives individual attention, spending a lot of time with students,” he said. “We have great mentorships between students and faculty.”

Returning EMU student Lisa Spaudling said, “I loved going here. The teachers, the space, the environment—it feels like home.”

EMU student Shawn Behuke is an elementary education major. He said, “[EMU] has wonderful professors. Since I last graduated from Eastern, it seems they have become more commuter friendly with all of the new parking. I love the new Student Center as well.”

Professor Doris Fields has been teaching in the communication department for over 20 years, and is an EMU alumna.

“As a freshman, the faculty made a connection with me and encouraged me to pursue communication and teaching. The faculty encourages forethought, assisting students in finding their path,” she said.

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