Senior Courtney Nicholson: ‘Great hitter’ despite early season injury

Courtney Nicholson is a right fielder.

Eastern Michigan University senior Courtney Nicholson is the everyday right fielder for the softball team. She comes to EMU from Canton, Ohio, (home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame) and goes by the nickname “Cordell.”

Nicholson said she’s been playing softball for most of her life.

“I’ve been playing since I was about 5 years old,” Nicholson said.

She played soccer and basketball during her younger years, but said her love for softball is what helped her make the choice to stick with it in college.

“It’s a sport I chose when I was little that I really wanted to pursue,” Nicholson said. “I had a lot of friends with softball, so I always enjoyed playing it and I love the game.”

Off the field, when she isn’t paying close attention to her studies, Nicholson stays near sports.

“I love going to sporting events,” Nicholson said. “Whether its professional football or baseball or college games … I just love watching sports.”

Her teammate, third baseman Nellie Coquillard agreed.

“She’s super studious, super into sports, ESPN, Duke [University], all that,” Coquillard said.

Staying true to her love for sports, Nicholson said her favorite movie was the powerful sports flick
“Remember the Titans” (2000) starring Denzel Washington.

Although she’s from Ohio, Nicholson said her favorite musician comes from somewhere a little closer to EMU and that he is her absolute favorite.

“[I like] everything Eminem,” Nicholson said. “It’s my before game [music] … everything.”

On the field, Nicholson’s teammates and coaches praise her leadership as well as her determination.

“She’s a great leader, really vocal,” Coquillard said.

EMU coach Karen Baird said, “She has our toughness mentality, and she gives it to this team.”
Nicholson played through a knee injury earlier in the season, though you would be hard pressed to see it affect her play.

“She wouldn’t let it,” Baird said.

Despite the injury, Nicholson is having an awesome year.

“She’s developed into a great hitter this year,” Baird said.

Nicholson is currently hitting .287 in 94 at bats so far this season. She only has one home run, but she’s knocked in 10 of the 93 runs the team has scored as of press date. Baird said it’s determination and strong hitting that has locked her into the number two spot behind senior shortstop Katy Blaharski.

Be sure to check out the softball team when it returns home Tuesday for a doubleheader against Youngstown State University at 3 p.m.

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