Student-run reality show premieres first episode

Back in January, Eastern Michigan University’s student organization Amplifying the Arts, or AMP!, was holding auditions for its new reality TV show, “Clash of the Creators.” Last Friday, AMP! finally premiered the new show at the EMU Halle Library Auditorium.

The premise of the show is based off other popular reality shows like “Project Runway” and “Next Great Baker.” Teams of artists, each with different artistic talents, are supplied materials to make into forms of art within a restricted amount of time. The pieces are then judged accordingly, and at the end of the three-episode season, the winners receive prizes and awards.

Initially, AMP! was struggling to persuade artists to audition and participate, but “Clash of the Creators” has garnered a lot of attention since then. Between university funds and an campaign to raise money, AMP! was able to put together the finishing touches on their show. Additionally, their advertising brought in crowds for their premier episode.

Some of the finishing touches, aside from supplies needed to make the “Clash of the Creators” possible in the first place, included items sold at the premier. An array of food, T-shirts and buttons were available for purchase.

Emily Fromm, secretary for AMP!, said the organization managed to sell a lot during the premier, raising funds for the continuation of “Clash of the Creators” and future AMP! projects.

Overall, Fromm described the premier episode as being really successful. On the “Clash of the Creators” Facebook page, people were commenting on how they enjoyed the show as well as possible ideas they would like to see in the future.

As AMP! gets ready to premier the second episode and create the third episode of “Clash of the Creators,” they’re also trying to make their videos available. While viewers are highly encouraged to attend the actual premier of the showings, not everyone has the time, so the episodes are expected to be posted up on the AMP! website at as soon as possible.

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