Susan Martin promotes campus bike tagging program


On Wednesday, Eastern Michigan University President Susan Martin got her bicycle tagged by Officer Candace Dorsey behind Welch Hall in an effort to raise awareness of EMU’s bike tagging program. The program will make it easier to reunite lost or stolen bicycles with their owners.

“We want to encourage students to be outside in this beautiful historic campus, and biking is one of the ways to do that,” Martin, who rides an Eastern-green Schwinn, said. “We want them to register their bikes so it keeps them safe and secure and so we can track them down. We have a lot of bikes on campus but I’d like to see more.”

Bikes can be tagged for free at the Department of Public Safety building. The process involves placing a small barcode on the body of the bike, which can be scanned upon recovery and used to identify the person to whom it is registered.

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