How to put your smartphone to work this semester

One of the best parts about being a college student in this time era is all of the technological advances available to help with classes, homework, organization, social life and just about everything under the sun. Many students use handy devices to make college life easier, and the big hype about owning a smartphone is due to the many apps you have available. If you are paying all of that money for your smartphone, you might as well use it to your best possible advantage.

As a student at Eastern Michigan University, there are a few apps specifically for you. The Eastern Michigan University app is the official school app where you can find campus news, an event calendar, a map and links to many other features. There are also other apps for EMU online, EMU public radio and an app for people who need to find an automated external defibrillator on campus.
All of these apps are free.

A big stress about attending college for many students is loans and debt. A good app to help organize your loans is “Student Bank Loan Calculator.” This app is recommended for people looking for a loan, students organizing their loans, financial advisors or students looking for helpful information about their loans. You can use it to calculate and breakdown costs of your loans, schedule your payments and see all of your information organized in graph form. Cost: free.

If you are seeking advice on how to survive in college, the app “College Tricks & Tips” might be just what you need. This app provides students with 40 tips and tricks on ways to save money and other things for day-to-day life, ranging from naming your files appropriately to avoiding a hangover. Cost: 99 cents.

If you are trying to figure out how to eat as a broke college student, then maybe you should download “College Eats.” This app includes videos, music, tips and an updated blog all about healthy meals, cheap food and cooking 101 for college students. Cost: 99 cents.

A digital sidekick to help college students in the classroom is “inClass.” This allows students to organize their schedules, take and share notes in different formats such as audio and video and it will even send reminders when an assignment is due. Cost: free.

Organization is major when it comes to classes, so “iStudiez Pro” is a lifesaver. It helps students organize their schedule, follow up with their homework, summarize classes, track grades and GPA, keep alerts and guard data. Cost: $2.99.

The “Majors” app will help college students find a job that they’re passionate about, have good growth prospects and pays well. “Majors” will show the best job, career fields, and degrees. Cost: free.

If you are having trouble getting everything done in a day, then you should download “Time Management for College Students,” which helps to track time efficiently, see what your planner should include and find the best time to do homework, while giving advice on decluttering, organizing and modifying your environment to your benefit. Cost: 99 cents.

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