‘Humble Bundle’ gives joy

The Humble Bundle is a great way to expand your video game collection and donate to charity.

Every few weeks the Humble Bundle company offers a group of between five and 15 recent computer games for sale on their website with the option for buyers to pay as little as $1 if they want, although the company usually offers additional games or soundtracks as an incentive to buyers if they pay more than the average price.

The money generated from the sale is split between the video game publishers, a particular charity organization and the Humble Bundle company in a pre-determined percentage, but those percentages can be adjusted.

Games included in the bundle are offered either as a downloadable file completely free of copy protection software, allowing you to install and play it on as many devices as you want, or as an unlock key for Steam. Steam is a content delivery program that works similar to an Xbox Live or Playstation Network account, which ties all content purchased to a personal account that can be accessed from any computer that has the Steam program installed.

Games available for purchase typically come from small, independent publishing companies, but bigger companies like Electronic Arts, THQ and Kalypso Media have started offering their products as well. They are almost always for Windows, but other formats such as Mac, Linux and mobile devices are also routinely made available.

The Humble Bundle has also been expanding its offering into other types of content recently, including bundles of eBooks and a collection of comedy albums from various comedians.

The Humble Bundle service is a great way to get content for cheap if your wallet is hurting or to donate to charity if you’re feeling generous. Either way, it’s definitely worth the time to check out humblebundle.com every week to see what they have for sale.

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