Zeta Sigma Chi hosts speed dating event

Zeta Sigma Chi opened EMU’s Student Center Ballroom doors to singles across campus to participate in their speed dating event. The event was co-hosted by Phi Sigma Pi EMU’s coed national honors fraternity. Alyssa Thornton, president of Phi Sigma Pi, was looking forward to the event, and would like to work together on more of their events.

Charnee Smith, who was also on Zeta Sigma Chi’s committee, hoped that the event would help EMU students build communication skills in relationships and that the students would have a good time.

The event began with music, which got everyone on their feet dancing. Once the clock struck 7:30, it was time for students to find their soulmates. Brittney Johnson, vice president of Zeta Sigma Chi, kicked off the event, asking everyone to take their seats.

Each table had popcorn boxes containing questions, giving guests popping conversation topics.

Questions ranged from music taste to what the others thought were important in a relationship.

The gentlemen had four minutes to woo ladies before the bell was rung and it was time to move on to the next person. The event started to heat up after the first half hour passed. “Dare time” was introduced and it gave the couples something interactive to do. Gentlemen were called on to eat a strawberry seductively in exchange for women to eat a banana. Another dare was for women to show off their masseuse skills and give guys a shoulder rub, with the boys later giving them hand massages in return.

There were points during the event where females dominated the room, searching for eligible bachelors to fall in love with. But by the end of the event, it was the men searching for available women.

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