Pray-Harrold Eagle Café closed due to plumbing backup issue

Jess J. Salisbury | Eastern Echo

A plumbing backup caused a flood in the Eagle Café over the weekend. Repairs are ongoing.

Last updated: 12/11/13 5:14pm

The Pray-Harrold Eagle Café has been closed this week due to a plumbing backup that occurred over the weekend. From the dining area, which is still accessible, damage to the sink area is visible.

There were no reports of injuries.

EMU spokesperson Geoff Larcom stressed that this was a backup in the pipes, and not a flood. He explained that backups in the restroom plumbing, which is right next to the Eagle Café, created some water overflow out of the café’s floor drain.

“The sinks were taken out to thoroughly clean and sanitize the area. The clean-up work was performed by SunGlo Services, a professional restoration contractor. Also some of the cabinetry requires replacement,” said Bilal Sarsour, director of facility maintenance. “At this point, damages are still being accessed. The main impact of the flood appears to be primarily related to clean-up at this time.”

In the midst of this minor plumbing disaster, Larcom praised the Physical Plant’s quick response.

“We have had a great response from the Physical Plant staff and contractors, who worked over the past weekend and this week to rebuild the cabinets,” Larcom said. “We are anticipating reopening the café this week.”

“Pray-Harrold is one of the most frequented buildings on EMU’s campus, which makes this an area for concern,” Student Body President Desmond Miller said. “We feel that the university has a great team to handle situations like this, and will get this matter resolved quickly and effectively.”

The EMU Dining Services Department chose not to comment on the situation.

Published Dec 11, 2013 in News

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