Students weigh in on new app

Eastern Michigan University has gone mobile.

The university launched a new free mobile app last week that allows students to access a variety of school-related information.

“Everything is based on mobile technology now,” said Shucha Grover, EMU’s director of Enterprise Application Services. “A lot of companies are even moving away from traditional desktop computers. I think it is imperative that we also provide for students in every way we can in the mediums they use most often, and smartphones are becoming those mediums.”

EMU students can use the app to check their class schedule and grades, look up a map of the campus, and receive academic and campus news and messages as well as notifications about holds on classes.

According to Grover, several additional features will be added to the app in the near future.

“Registration is the biggest one right now,” Grover said, adding they expect class registration will be made available either later this month or early next year.

Grover also said additional upgrades and options could be made available for the app in the future. EMU may upgrade its software license to allow for further enhancements to its mobile app, if there proves to be enough demand for the program.

“Long-term, if we move to that one, we will be able to add features that we see a need for,” Grover said.

Carl Powell, EMU’s chief information officer, expressed similar thoughts.

“I’m sure there are more applications students will want to have,” Powell said. “We realize this is not the end of the process but is just another major stone in the path.”

Student response to the announcement has been generally positive.
“It sounds like a good idea, especially for new students,” said Jason Richards, an Early College Alliance student.

Richards said he was “especially interested in the map feature.”
Keith Nash, a secondary education student majoring in math expressed similar views.

“I’ll definitely pick it up and check it out,” Nash said, but added he thought the university should do more to promote its launch.

Students also expressed their approval for the apps variety of features.

“I’d probably use it to check my grades and look for announcements,” said Kaitlyn Wilford, a senior majoring in elementary education.

It is available for free and is compatible with Android- and Apple-based smart devices.

Additional information about the app is available at

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