Eagle Journey: Darell Combs

EMU guard Darell Combs (25) drives past WMU’s Austin Richie (22) in Eastern Michigan’s 56-37 win over Western Michigan. Combs scored 14 of the Eagles points.

Eagle Journey is a Q & A series in which Sports Editor Eugene Evans will get to know some of the Eastern Michigan University student-athletes and why they chose to come here.

The inaugural feature focuses on sophomore shooting guard Darell Combs, from Chicago, Ill.

Rob Murphy on discovering Combs: Coach (Mike) Brown and I have great connections in Chicago. We started the recruiting process once he was at Blinn College in Texas last year and that is how he ended up here.

On Combs’ improvement since arriving at EMU: The physicality and the speed of the game took him a little bit of time to adjust. He has really become a great defender as we have gotten deeper into the season.

EE: How has the transition been going from Blinn College to EMU?

DC: Everything is different because I am way more active and not as much down time compared to junior college. The speed and pace is a lot different in the Mid-American Conference.

EE: How have you adjusted going from bench player to starter in MAC play?

DC: It’s really a big role because you have to be productive on offense and defense. It is a big difference on the college level compared to high school because everyone can do the same things as you. It comes down to having a work ethic and what you are willing to put in on a daily basis to become a better player.

EE: Let’s say professional basketball doesn’t come calling. What career do you want to go into?

DC: I want to start my own clothing line so I can make money and help provide for my family and friends. I want to see everyone else shine, not just me.

EE: How did you develop into being a team-first guy?

DC: I developed the mentality as a kid when my father passed away and I knew I had to be the man of the house. I was the first guy in my family to finish high school and to college. All of these events molded me into the person I am today.

EE What is your major and why?

DC: My major is social work because I am good with kids and enjoy being around them. They see me growing up and find out about my struggle of not having a father figure. I want to be someone who kids can talk to and not feel scared because I want to tell them the truth.

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