'Frozen' a sensational story of sisterhood

Eleven years after “Lilo and Stitch,” Disney gives us another movie about sisters, where the central focus plays upon the relationship between the two girls, rather than remarking on the cliché love story nearly every Disney princess movie adheres to.

“Frozen” follows sisters Elsa and Anna, who become orphans once their parents lose their lives on a trip overseas. Elsa, the elder sister, eventually takes over the kingdom of Arendelle as she comes of age and prepares to take the throne. She does this apprehensively, however, due to the magical powers she possesses, which have forced her to stay hidden from the world her entire life.

“Frozen,” based on Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen,” is riddled with timeless magic and wonder, and also discusses the importance of trust and familial bonds. While on the search for acceptance and freedom, Elsa discovers an imperative epiphany about herself and her powers. Her fear of what others think of her becomes lost once she lyrically learns to “let it go” through one of the best musical numbers of the movie. Elsa, played by Broadway’s own Idina Menzel (“Wicked,” “Rent”) and Anna, played by actress Kristen Bell, come together to create the perfect sister dynamic and perform harmonious musical numbers.

“Frozen,” while instilling important themes of acceptance and love, also brings a bit of comic relief with a lovable snowman named Olaf, who comes to life and eases much of the on-screen tension between characters. Olaf may only be there for laughs, but he also becomes a third party witness of Anna and Elsa’s relationship, often bringing to light astute comments on bubbling emotions and helping Anna through her confusion about her sister and Kristoff. With the line “Some people are worth melting for,” Olaf introduces the meaning behind love for another person.

It wouldn’t be Disney without romance, despite the significant focus on Anna and Elsa’s bond, and presents the usual “love at first sight” theme. Of course, what is a romance without a love triangle? Anna meets the seemingly perfect Hans on the day of Elsa’s coronation, but on her journey to mend the bond with her sister, her ventures lead to Kristoff and his pet reindeer, Sven.

Does Anna choose the man of her dreams, the man whom she’s wished to meet, or does she pick the gruff, blasé Kristoff? Anna must choose between the two men and in the end, she realizes which one truly loves her, of course, with Olaf’s help.

Disney outdoes itself again with another heartfelt movie. On par with the phenomenal music of “Tangled,” Disney has created a soundtrack of breathtaking musical talent, thanks to the brilliant pipes of Menzel and Bell. If there is one movie you should see this winter, “Frozen” is definitely it.

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