Internship Fair allows students to meet employers

Eastern Michigan University’s 2014 Internship Fair, held on Wednesday, Jan. 22 in the Student Center Ballroom, provided students the opportunity to meet with potential employers who offered paid and nonpaid internships.

Roughly 36 vendors were present, and the event was open to EMU students of all majors.

Senior corporate relations manager at the University Advising and Career Development Center, Mary Jane Fallot, said that the internship fair is designed to expose and connect students with internships and employment. Students can also talk to many different companies and gain experience in the workplace.

Fallot also said that the employers also benefit because as the intern is training, the employers are also testing him or her, and that could possibly lead to actual employment.

“Internships make people known,” Fallot said. “You’re learning the company just like they’re learning you. The internship fair also helps students look at different avenues and broaden their opportunities.”

Fallot explained that it is an advantage to attend the fair, because even if a student isn’t looking to get hired, they can gain experience on how to perfect a resume, how to interview and what to wear.

“Dress professionally,” Fallot said. “Getting an internship is competitive.”

According to Fallot, one problem that employers have reported is that students don’t follow through with interviews. The employer will tell the student to submit an online application after meeting with them at different career fairs, and the student just disappears into the system.

EMU student, Mark Amobi, majoring in math with a minor in computer science, said that when he saw the advertisement for the fair, he decided to attend.

“I’m hoping to get something for the summer,” Amobi said. “Get some hands-on experience and what’s available.”

EMU student, Natasha Magolan, majoring in psychology with a minor in social work said she is looking for an internship in the field of psychology, working with children or something else in the healthcare field.

On attending the fair, Magolan said, “I was just going to attend and wing it and see what comes.”

For more information on upcoming career or internship fairs or assistance with academic advising and career planning, call the University Advising and Career Development Center at 734-487-0400.

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