Laugh Lounge held in Student Center

The Eastern Michigan University Student Center was filled with laughter on Jan. 9 as students grabbed some free food and a night of entertainment. Campus Life presented the Laugh Lounge, “a haven for stand-up comedy fans.” Local stand-up comedians in the Ypsilanti and surrounding areas come together to bring laughs.

Steve Sabo headlined the comedy act and Kate Brindle, an EMU alumna, opened up the show.

It was a rough start for the event with MC Jason Valentini, who received an icy response from the crowd. One student felt that his jokes were foul and overly vulgar, saying “It seemed as though he was just pulling jokes out [of nowhere].”

There was a little hope for an enjoyable show when comedienne Kate Brindle stepped onstage, telling narratives that gave advice on drinking, dating and various drug usages. The crowd heckled more than laughed, but it left the show on a more memorable note. As a crowd favorite, Steve Sabo’s presence sparked a positive response from everyone almost immediately when he walked across the stage.

Steve had the crowd’s attention from the moment he stepped on stage, asking for audience participation and even commenting on “why the hell the EMU fountains are still on in the winter.”
EMU student David Hallman enjoyed Sabo’s performance, which left a good impression on his experience that night.

“Sabo was funny and hilarious,” said Hallman. “I would go see him again.”

By Alexis Tesner / The Eastern Echo

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