All nautral cosmetic company gaining popularity

The world of health and beauty products is always going through phases and trends. Currently, there is a movement to be more conscious of ingredients and processes that go into making these products. Companies and brands that are all natural and cruelty-free are becoming more well-known and popular. Lush Cosmetics, with a location in the Briarwood Mall in Ann Arbor, is one of those companies.

Lush is known for its handmade and natural products, selling a wide range of items from soaps to shampoo. Each product is unique because Lush uses natural ingredients, such as honey, tofu and orange. Many of the products are completely vegan and the company is against animal testing of any kind. Lush also makes sure to use natural organic ingredients whenever possible and buys them from small-scale free trade suppliers all over the world.

When entering the Lush store, you are instantly greeted by an array of unique and beautiful scents.
The staff is knowledgeable about not only the products, but the company’s story and background.
Amber Westerman, an employee of Lush, said the company does no advertising and their success is purely through word of mouth, such as their “YouTube beauty blogs.”

The most popular products Lush sells include their bath bombs and body scrubs, but the most unique and sought-out products are things that customers can’t get anywhere else, like shampoo bars and shower jelly. One standout product that is gaining popularity is Ultrabland, which is an all-purpose makeup remover and cleanser. Ultrabland has fewer than 10 ingredients, most of which are all natural. Westerman described it as a product for those “lazy nights” when you don’t want to worry about cleansing, removing makeup and moisturizing, because Ultrabland does it all.

Westerman said that it’s the stories behind the company that make Lush so unique. Each buyer and seller has had an experience that is life changing to hear. Westerman noted that because the ingredients Lush uses are “free trade and ethically bought,” buyers have to go global to make sure they’re getting the best out there, which can be dangerous.

If you visit the Lush website and browse the selection of products, you will find that every ingredient that went into making an item is listed along with whether or not it is natural or a safe synthetic, and there is a video showing how the product is made or how to use it.

Emily Driscoll, a graduate student at EMU and employee of Halle Library, said that she has browsed Lush’s products and would love to try some.

“I have always tried to buy products that were not tested on animals,” Driscoll said.

For those customers who wish to find out more about natural products, Driscoll recommends using, because they have information for consumers who want to purchase cruelty free products.

“Hopefully, the trend in consumer concern regarding animal testing will lead to better alternatives that don’t involve our animal friends,” she said.

Ultimately, this is a goal that Lush is striving for. The company and others like it are popping up all over the beauty and skin care world, helping to spread consumer awareness about what is in their product and how it’s made. This could be a world-changing revolution, and it’s as easy as shopping in a new store.

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