Michiganders respond to freezing temps

Mother Nature and Jack Frost released their vengeance across the state of Michigan with frigid temperatures below zero, treacherous road conditions and high winds. But through the torture of surviving this winter wonderland, Eastern Michigan University students were gifted with two back-to-back snow days from Jan. 6-7.

The drop of record low temperatures during this time in the state of Michigan was -5 degrees in 1988 and the record high was 64 degrees in 2008, according to The Weather Channel. Temperatures dropped as low as 14 degrees below zero, which resulted in multiple school and government office closings. The wind chill advisory reached a dangerous level of 30 to 40 degrees below zero.

During the two days added to winter break, Michigan teens and adults turned the torturing weather into a social media firestorm with the “Snow Challenge” game, where people run outside and jump in the snow in only their socks and underwear. The videos in length are less than 30 seconds and are posted online. To raise the ridiculous bar, a video of a naked woman from Michigan twerking in the snow made World Star Hip Hop’s Ratchet Clip of the Week: 2014.

Besides students bundling up in their homes or dorm rooms and sleeping in, if you use the hashtag #Ypsilanti on Instagram, you’ll find diverse snapshots of the city from people’s perspectives – screenshots of the below zero weather via phone apps, fun indoor snow activities and the water tower being covered during the storm. One hilarious post shows two cars buried in snow while a man attempts to dig with a shovel with the caption, “Bosses be like, ‘You still coming to work right?’”

One user by the name of Boo62833 posted a photo of a foot of snow against the door and two cars in the background covered with the hashtags “#snowedin,” #blizzard” and “#crazy.” Hamadali82 posted a hilarious picture of a frozen Jack Nicholson in the snow with the Pure Michigan logo below.

It only seems that us Michiganders have made it through round one of this winter debacle. Layer yourself like a human onion with socks, thermals and sweaters because it’s far from over. Oh springtime, you’re only two months away.

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