Student-Athletes demonstrate balance

Eastern Michigan University’s 32 student-athletes who earned 4.0 GPA’s this past fall, some of whom are pictured above, prove that brains and brawn can go together well.

It is no easy task to balance playing sports and academics, but 32 Eastern Michigan University student-athletes achieved both and then some by finishing the Fall 2013 semester with a 4.0 grade point average.

The ability to manage time is the common thread between sophomore Corynne Smith (volleyball), redshirt junior Adam Dennison (baseball), senior Shawna Ciaramella (gymnastics) and 29 other athletes.

Smith, Dennison and Ciaramella were gracious enough to chat with me on Jan. 28 about how they were able to achieve in not only their respective sport, but in the classroom.

“It takes a lot of work to maintain a balanced schedule, but it starts with staying organized and getting things done early,” Smith said. “If you set your mind to get stuff done and hold yourself to a higher standard, then anything is possible.”

“I don’t think balancing academics and athletics is all too difficult given that I am in my fourth year,” Dennison said. “It forces you to be more organized and as long as you are willing to put in the work, then you will be able to accomplish anything.”

“My father was really strict when it came to academics when I was younger,” Ciaramella said. “If I did not achieve in the classroom, then I would not be bale to participate in gymnastics. Balancing both things in college has not been difficult because of the discipline instilled since I was in elementary school.”

The Complete List Of All 32 EMU Athletes Who Finished With A 4.0 GPA In The Fall 2013 Semester:

Adam Dennison
Ryan Lavoie
John Rubino

Men’s Cross Country/Track and Field
Harry Dixon
John Knox
Dallas Shields

Men’s Golf
Joshua Heinze

Men’s Swimming and Diving
Miles MacDonald

Shayne Wireman

Women’s Cross Country/Track
Anna Aldrich
Pauline Chiariglione

Women’s Golf
Usanee Laopattananont
Lois Schoof
Sylvie Williams

Shawna Ciaramella
Sydney McEachern
Nikki Paterson

Women’s Rowing
Quinn Alexander
Krista Burdick
Kara Gardner
Stephanie Schlosser
Delaney Schoff
Karli Songalewski
Lyndsey Tollas

Meagan Winkelseth
Julia Lombardi
Gabriella Mancini

Women’s Swimming and Diving
Clarice Daniel

Jill Briner
Alyssa Davis
Devon Murray
Corynne Smith

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