Eagle Journey: Swimmer Audra Burtch

Eagle Journey is a Q & A series in which we will get to know some of the Eastern Michigan University student-athletes and why they chose to come here.

This week’s feature focuses on sophomore swimmer Audra Burtch, from Goshen, Ind.

Coach Peter Linn on Audra Burtch: “We saw her results in the Indiana state swimming results and I know Audra’s brother [Alex] who swam at the University of Louisville and met head coach Arthur Albiero. One thing led to another and she ended up here at EMU.”

On Burtch’s Progression Since Coming To EMU: “I felt like there were some things she needed to change up. She swam in the Open Water Championships last summer, which helped with her progression.”

EE: “Coach Linn talked about the Louisville connection, can you tell me more about it?”

AB: “Before I came to EMU. I had my heart set on Louisville. Then, I came here and knew it would be a better fit for me. If I went to Louisville, then I would not be traveling on the team. So, coming here gave me a better shot of working on being a better swimmer.”

EE: “How was the transition going from living in Indiana to Michigan?”

AB: “It was an easier transition than I thought, because I was able to make friends quickly and coming in with the whole team also helped a lot.”

EE: “Tell me about who has helped you the most in training?”

AB: “I would have to go back to last year with Briana Emig because she was so far ahead of me in training. Also, she was fearless as a swimmer and would always do anything asked of her.”

EE: “What are looking to do after graduation?”

AB: “After graduating in the winter semester of 2016, I want to get into doing occupational therapy. Also, I might want to coach a high school swim team on the side.”

EE: “Have you faced any adversity since coming to EMU?”

AB: “My biggest adversity is myself because I would compare myself from year to year. I have been reading books and Coach has been handing me packets of homework so I can concentrate more. I have learned to let go [of] things in the past because you can’t change it at the end of the day.”

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