Jerome Nichols' 'Test Your Love' display promotes sexual health

“I’m here because I like doing this stuff,” Jerome Nichols explained from behind his display table in the Safe sex store in Ann Arbor. Nichols has come to promote sexual health and to connect with readers of his blog and website

His time and location could not be more appropriate with Valentine’s Day around the corner. Nichols’ “Test Your Love” display, like the variations of sexual subject matter on his website, hosted many
pamphlets of information and campus health organizations for students’ overall heath.

Campus organizations such as Counseling and Psychiatric Services, or CAPS, Spectrum Center of LGBT affairs for U of M, and Corner Health Center contributed to Nichols display.

It was plain to see Nichols has remained firm in his mission, to promote “unmatched inclusion and honest information based on science and experience” in the realm of intimacy.

Nichols founded LTASEX in 2010 while attending EMU. “I created LTASEX to rant about things I heard about often,” he said.

From LGBT subject issues to the reviews for sex toys, Nichol’s display certainly gave a stark glimpse of the breadth in his subject matter.

The motivation for such variations in information come from Nichols’ belief that sexuality in the U.S is demeaned in many ways, the controversial subject calls for adventurous exploration instead of tabooed hesitancy.

As the guru for sexual matters, Nichols gave two points of advice for Valentine’s Day 2014. “Don’t have a plan, certain sexual experiences will open you to new things,” and “The misconception that sex with a condom is less intimate is bullshit.”

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